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Johann Perry

Directors: Matt Hill, Ashley Gething, Tim Neil.
BBC2 9 x 60 Mins
TX 2018

Against The Law
Director: Fergus O'Brien

BBC2 90 Mins (Drama)
Nominee: Bafta Best Single Drama 2018
Nominee: Bafta Best Photography 2018

Work like this doesn’t come along every day. Against the Law stands as a brilliant, important, must-see piece of television - The Guardian

Searing Drama - The Observer

A Powerful, Explicit Drama - The Times

The Cult Next Door
Director: Vanessa Engle
BBC2 60 Mins
TX 2017

A chilling documentary by the award-winning producer Vanessa Engle, as bizarre as it is utterly astounding.  A devastating piece of television which at times seems more like a sci-fi drama than a documentary, so outlandish are the events depicted - Daily Mail.
Vanessa Engle’s latest doc tells the stranger-than-fiction story of a Maoist cult based in a Brixton flat.  A profoundly disturbing and incredibly poignant documentary - The Guardian.
A mind-boggling documentary from acclaimed director Vanessa Engle. This grimly fascinating film details Balakrishnan’s jaw-dropping crimes – The Telegraph.

As a dutiful reviewer, I always note down anything in a programme that’s particularly interesting or extraordinary. With The Cult Next Door, I achieved a new personal best for volume of notes taken, as almost every moment brought new, eye-popping disclosures – The Spectator.

Documentary of the week: Vanessa Engle unearths absurd, almost comic strands in a story from which fresh horrific details keep spilling.  It’s a sad, troubling programme that leaves questions rattling in your head - Radio Times.

As you would expect from one of our senior documentarists, Vanessa Engle’s film is cleverly assembled, intelligently edited and calmly shocking from start to finish.  An extraordinary and powerful film - The Observer.

David Beckham - For the Love of the Game
Director: Matt Smith
BBC1 90 Mins
TX 2015

David Beckham sets himself the challenge of a lifetime: playing a football match on all seven continents of the globe and getting back in time for his own star-studded Unicef fundraising match at Old Trafford. 

Hugh's War on Waste
Keo Films
BBC1 2 x 60 mins
TX 2015


An incredibly comprehensive exploration of an incredibly important subject matter - The Independent

Til Death Do Us Part
Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
1 x 60 mins BBC2
TX 2015


If this film felt more elegiac, more beautifully photographed with a richer palette than Engle’s earlier work, it was because she had chosen to make a beautiful monument to victims of domestic violence – The Telegraph
The interviews Engle has gathered are remarkable, even by her standards.  Love You to Death is a film that manages to wrest some small piece of beauty and hope from the roughest of terrains.  Intimate and unsparing, it deserves to win everything, not least an hour of your time. - Rachel Cooke in The Observer.
Every frame in the film contributes to the atmosphere of grim misery.  This is the true face of murder – David Chater in The Times.
An unsettling but unmissable film – The Daily Telegraph
An important piece of TV.– The Independent

Vodafone Firsts Adoke Stars
Director/Producer: Ben Anthony
Vodafone Firsts campaign for Vodafone UK

Billionaires Paradise
Director/Producer: Kari Lia
BBC2 1 x 60 mins
TX Early 2015

Inside Harley Street
Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
Documentary Series about the inner workings of Harley Street
BBC2 3 x 60 mins
TX Early 2015

Dara and Ed's Pan American Adventure
Director/Producer: Leo Burley
Dara O'Briain and Ed Byrne travel the Pan American Highway from Pheonix to the Panama Canal
BBC2 2 x 60 mins
TX Early 2015

Young War Widows
Director/Producer: Kat English
ITV1 1 x 60 mins
TX Early 2015

Imagine Colm Tóibín
Director/Producer: Colette Camden
BBC1 1x65 mins
TX Late 2014

Director/Producer: Neil Ferguson
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstal travels Denmark, Sweden and Norway soaking up the food and culture.
Channel 4 3 x 60 mins
TX Early 2014

Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Island Feast
Director/Producer: James Nutt
Yotam Ottolenghi cooks the foods of the Med Islands
Channel 4 2 of 4 x 60 mins
TX Early 2014

Stephen Fry (Out There)
Director/Producer: Fergus O'brien
Stephen Fry exploring global attitudes to Homosexuality
BBC2 2 x 60 Mins
TX Autumn 2013
Winner: Royal Television Society Award 2014 (Best Presenter Award)

Mum and Dad are Splitting Up
Dir/Producer Olly Lambert
BBC2 1 x 60 Mins
TX Sept 2013

"Terribly sad and deeply affecting. What could have been horribly exploitative becomes revealing and deeply involving, thanks to Lambert's canny combination of fearlessness and empathy." Time Out
"This shattering film is as simple as the title suggests: it merely points a camera at some teenagers and asks them about the breakdown of their parents' relationship. But what it reveals is the tremendous pain and desperation they felt and in many cases continue to feel." Sunday Times
"Olly Lambert is one of the most accomplished filmmakers working in television today. He makes films about subjects that matter; he films them with the eye of a cinematographer and he has the rare gift of getting people to open up in front of the camera with an honestly that is intensely moving. If he didn't make films, he would probably be a brilliant counsellor." The Times

Welcome to the World of Weight Loss
Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
BBC2 1 x 60 mins
TX Summer 2013

"A fascinating album of memorable portraits of real human beings."- The Observer.
"A lovely, engaging film." - The Telegraph
"Poignant as well as heart-warming" - TV Times

Hugh's Fish Fight (Save our Seas)
Troubling fishing practices in Antarctica, Thailand, The Phillipines and Europe
Director/Producer: Will Anderson
Channel 4 3 x 60 mins
TX Feb 2013

Locomotion: Dan Snow's History of Railways
Director/Producer: David Vincent
BBC2 1x 60 mins
TX Jan 2013

The Real Man's Road Trip: Sean and Jon Go West
Director/Producer: Ellena Wood/Matt Reed
Channel 4 2 x 60 mins
TX Autumn 2012

Walking with Dogs. A Wonderland Special.
Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
BBC2 1 x 60 Mins
TX Autumn 2012

"Vanessa Engle's documentaries have an extraordinary ability to get straight to the heart of the human condition" The Telegraph
"Funny, tough and affecting documentary" Guardian pick of the day
"Brilliant" The Daily Mail
"All of Human life is here" The Independent
"Eccentric, absurd and very funny" The Times

Long Lost Family
Director/Producer: Kate Scholefield/Duncan Coates
ITV1 5 x 60 mins
TX Summer 2012
Winner: Royal Television Society Award 2013 (Poular features and Factual)

The Queens Palaces with Fiona Bruce
Director/Producer: Ian Leese
BBC1 2 x 60 mins
TX Summer 2012

My Child the Rioter: A Wonderland Film
Director Producer Olly Lambert

"This was the best TV journalism on the riots so far..... My Child the Rioter made you think so hard about a well-covered subject that you changed your mind several times even while watching." Andrew Billen, The Times.
"An outstanding documentary.... Instead of taking the usual shrill, censorious line, Olly Lambert's film was carefully understated and more puzzled than anything else." John Porter, Sunday Telegraph
"Excellent" Deborah Orr, The Guardian.

BBC2 1 x 60 mins
TX Jan 2012
Grierson Award for Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme (My Child The Rioter)

Table Dancing Diaries.
Director/Producer: Jane Preston
BBC3 1 x 60 mins
TX Jan 2012

Who Do You Think You Are. (J.K.Rowling)
Director/Producer: Leo Burley
BBC1 1 x 60 mins
TX Autumn 2011

Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
Series exporing the tangled relationships people form around Money
BBC2 3 x 60 mins
TX Autumn 2011

Graffiti Wars
Director/Producer: Jane Preston
"an extraordinary portrayal of the ruthless world of the graffiti artists and the dramatic battle of one to protect his territory and his trademark"
RTS Awards Judges
Channel 4 1 x 60mins
TX Summer 2011
RTS Award 2011 Best Arts Programme

Elsa's Legacy. The Born Free Story, Natural World
Director/Producer: Sacha Mirzoeff
Virginia McKenna and David Attenborough recount the greatest lion story ever told.
BBC2 1 x 60 Mins
TX Jan 2011

Hugh's Fish Fight.
Director/Producer: Will Anderson
CH4 3 x 60 Mins
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall exposes the folly of fish discard in this campaigning series.
TX Jan 2011
Winner: 2011 BAFTA  (Best Features Series)
Winner: Grierson Awards 2011 (Best Documentary Series)
Winner: RTS Awards 2012 (Popular Factual and Features)
Winner: Broadcast Awards 2012 (Best Documentary Series)

Who Do You Think You Are. (Bruce Forsyth)
Director: Leo Burley
BBC1 60 Mins
TX Summer 2010

Martin Clunes 'HorsePower'
Director/Producer: Ian Leese
ITV. Martin Clunes travels the world to unlock the secrets of a partnership which shaped the world.
TX Summer 2010


Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
3 x 60 Mins BBC2

3 Films exploring feminism, it's history, outcome for working mothers and the current feminist movement.
Premiered at the Sheffield Film Festival
"An excellent documentary....extraordinary" The Guardian
"A wonderful film" The Sunday Times

TX Summer 2010
Director /Producer: Nick Angel
3 x 60 mins BBC2
Contributing Camera
"Impeccably crafted.....enormously enjoyable..." The Sunday Times

Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care
Director: Tiffany Thomas
2x 60 mins BBC2
A shocking look at the state of care homes for the elderly in Britain

3 x 60 Mins BBC2
Matt Frei presents a history of Berlin to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
TX Winter 2009

Kilimanjaro: The Big Red Nose Climb
Director/Producer: Sacha Mirzoeff
1 X 60 mins

An extraordinary gathering of talent from both the music industry and the world of entertainment - Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating, Chris Moyles, Ben Shephard, Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Fearne Cotton, Alesha Dixon and Denise Van Outen - attempt to scale Africa's highest mountain to raise as much money as possible to alleviate suffering both in the UK and in Africa. Over £3,300,000 raised.

TX Spring 2009

Armando Iannucci In Milton's Heaven and Hell
Director/Producer: Zoe Silver
1 x 60 Mins BBC2
Armando Iannucci examines the life of Milton.
TX Spring 2009

Watch Me Disappear
Director/Producer: Lucy Cohen
1 x 30 Mins CH4
'A Haunting Documentary' Independent on Sunday
"A Tremendously touching Documentary, impeccably handled" The Observer
TX Autumn 2008

River Cottage Autumn
Director/Producer: Nic Gutteridge
Hugh Fernley- Wittingstall
Autumn River Cottage Season for Channel 4
TX Winter 2008

Imagine Richard Serra
Director/Producer: Zoe Silver
1 x 60mins BBC1
Profile of artist Richard Serra
TX Autumn 2008

The Doctor Who Hears Voices
Director/Producer: Leo Regan
60 Mins Drama Doc. CH4
"The documentary and dramatized sections fitted together like clasped hands" The Guardian
"A Remarkable Documentary" The Telegraph
"An Extremely unusual, hugely intriguing documentary" The Times
TX Spring 2008

Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
3 x 60 Mins for BBC2
"A remarkable and unprecedented insight into Jewish life in Britain."
"Subtle and enthralling films" The Telegraph
Grierson Shortlist Nomination 2009 'Best Documentary series'
TX summer 2008

Lost World of Tibet
Director/Producer: Emma Hindley
90mins BBC2 Digi Beta
The Dalai Lama allows us to see what Tibet was like before it's occupation by China. "We Knew nothing, what was happening in the world, and so we lost our country" The Dalai Lama.
Premiered at the Sheffield Documentary Festival
TX Spring 2008

Waiting Rooms 'Nail Bar'
Director/Producer: Fergus O'Brien
1 x 30 mins. BBC2 Digi Beta.
Shot over a month in a nail bar in Brixton.
"Fergus O'Brien could find gems anywhere and with this beautifully observed, lovely film about a unique little slice of Britishness, he's also made one". The Guardian
TX Feb 2007

Waiting Rooms 'Prison'
Director/Producer: Fergus O'Brien
1 x 30 Mins
Filmed over a month in a prison in Leeds.
TX March 2007

Play it Again
Director/Producer: Claire Whalley
6 Celebs learn to play an Instrument in 6 Months .
TX Spring 2007

Armstrongs: The Movie
Director/Producer: Fergus O'Brien
Feature length reworking of the acclaimed BBC Series.
90mins Digibeta. TX Jan 2007
Shown at Sheffield Documentary Featival
Melbourn Film Festival
True/False Film Festival Missouri

Blizzard:Race to the Pole
Director/Producer: Keo Films
Bruce Parry races the Norwegians in a recreation of Scotts and Amundsens race to the Pole.
TX Summer 2006

The Lost World of Friese Greene
Director/Producer: Emma Hindley / Annabelle Hobley
3 x 60mins. BBC2. Digibeta.
Dan Cruickshank journeys from Lands End to John O'Groats in a vintage tourer retracing the first colour film of Britain shot in 1923.
TX Summer 2006
"Lost World of Friese-Greene (BBC2) is exactly what I pay my TV licence for - a beautifully crafted, inspiring and informative hour that left me gagging for more." The Guardian
GTC Award For Photographic Excellence 2006

Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
3 x 60 Mins. BBC2. Dig Beta/Super8 This series charts the painful demise of the radical left.
"Beautifully observed" The Spectator
"Excellent documentary series" The New Statesman.
TX Spring 2006

The Armstrongs
Director/Producer: Fergus O'Brien
8 x 30 Mins. BBC2. Digibeta.
Filmed over 8 Months in a Coventry Double Glazing Factory.
"One of the most disconcerting series ever made" The Guardian
One of the most peculiar TV series ever made" The Observer
"There is a working existence so depressing that prison may almost start to have it's attractions" The Mail
"We do not want this to look like a circus, we want this to be fucking true. It is the truth and it is fucking reality." John Armstrong
TX Spring 2006

Francesco's Venice
Director/Producer: Sam Hopkinson
60 Mins. BBC2. Digibeta. Contributing Camera.
Venice brings us the epic story of Venice, seen through the eyes of Francesco da Mosto, a descendent of one of the oldest and most distinguished Venetian families.
TX Autumn 2004
BAFTA Best Documentary Photography 2004

Lost World of Mitchell & Kenyon
Director/Producer: Emma Hindley / Annabelle Hobley
3x60 mins. BBC2. 16mm/DigiBeta.
Dan Cruickshank details the story of the most exciting film discovery of recent times.
TX winter 2005
Greirson Nomination

Beyond River Cottage
Director/Producer: Claire Whalley, Mandy Sherwood, Emma Bowen
3 of 6 x30mins.CH4. Digibeta.
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall living the Rural Idyll.
TX Autumn 2004

All About My Husband
Director/Producer: Fergus O'Brien
1x60mins. BBC2. Digibeta.
Colin Green - a BAFTA award-winning film editor - suffered a stroke. After eight months in hospital, he is about to come home to his wife and four daughters. He is now paralysed down one side and unable to speak.
TX Autumn 2004

Art & The 60's
Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
3x60 mins. BBC2. DigiBeta.
Major profile of the leading style makers of 60's contempory Art Scene.
TX Autumn 2005

Map Man
Director/Producer: Michael Waterhouse
BBC2. DigiBeta.
Nick Crane traces 8 'Miracle Maps' around Britain.
TX Autumn 2004

Atlantic Britain
Director/Producer: Will Andersen
2x30 mins.C4/National Geographic. DigiBeta.
Adam Nichloson sails around the Atlantic Coast, Falmouth to the Faroe Islands.
TX 2004

Beyond Murder:Jane Longhurst
Director/Producer: Kim Duke
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.

Binding Love
Director/Producer: Fran Landsman
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta/Super 8.
This thought-provoking film follows a young couple with learning difficulties who are making the same choice that the rest of the population take for granted - to become loving parents.
TX Jan 2004

Jamie's Wish
Director/Producer: Liesel Evans
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. Hi Definition/DigiBeta.
The moving story of how the wish of one dying young boy gave life to another.
TX 2003

Advent Calender
Director/Producer: Emily Kennedy
25x3 mins. Documentary. BBC2. DigiBeta.
25 Leading Contemporary Artists make Advent Art.
TX Christmas 2003

Adoption Series
Director/Producer: Lorraine Charker
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.

Everyman (Healing)
Director/Producer: John Alexander
1x50 mins. Documentary. BBC2. DigiBeta.

Jamies Kitchen
Director/Producer: Sandy Scott
Documentary. CH4. DigiBeta.
Jamie trains up his '15' new chefs.
TX 2003

Imagine Series (Charles Saatchi)
Director/Producer: Vanessa Engle
1x50 mins. Documentary. BBC2. DigiBeta.

How to be a Man
Director/Producer: Jaimie De Cruz
1x30 mins. Documentary. CH4. DigiBeta.

Great Britons (Nelson)
Director/Producer: Emma Hindley
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC2. DigiBeta.

Great Britons (Churchill)
Director/Producer: Charlotte Moore
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC2. DigiBeta.

1 in 7
Director/Producer: Min Clough
1x 60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.

1 in 7
Director/Producer: Emma Hindley
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.

Hollywood's War (Panorama)
Director/Producer: Ricardo Pollack
1x40 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.

Sperm Bandits
Director/Producer: Jaimie De Cruz
1x30 mins. Documentary. CH4. DigiBeta.

Tourettes: The Boy Can't Help it
Director/Producer: Min Clough
1x60 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.
John suffers from Tourette’s and was first filmed by the BBC in 1989. 13 years on, he is now 29 and working as a youth club caretaker.
TX 2002

Living With Cancer
Director/Producer: Charlotte Moore & Emma Hindley
6x40 mins. Documentary. BBC1. DigiBeta.
Award winning series filmed over 1 year charting the lives of cancer sufferers.
Winner RTS Best Documentary Series 2002

Director/Producer: Tiger Aspect
Drama. CH4. DigiBeta. Camera Operator.

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Director/Producer: Guy Ritchie
Feature. General Release. Super16/HH. 2nd Camera and Hothead.

Director/Producer: Chris Morris
Comedy. CH4. DV/2nd Camera.




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